Hi, I'm Ben.

I'm a Front-End Engineer from the UK. Welcome to my small corner of the internet.

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Organize your hiking gear and minimize your pack weight with hikerherd.

Stoic Quotes

Learn Stoic wisdom in bite-size chunks with this distraction-free quotes app.

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My personal web-dev blog, and the website you are browsing right now!

Blog Posts
 CSS GraphQL JavaScript NodeJS React TypeScript
A Quick Introduction to TypeScript for JS Devs

Posted on

Looking to start learning TypeScript? This one's for you.

Building a Range Slider Component in React

Posted on

Let's make a custom range input component with React.

Progressive Image Loading with React Hooks

Posted on

Improve the perceived load times of your large images.

Protecting your GraphQL Server from Dangerous Queries

Posted on

Not all queries are made equal, some could grind your server to a halt!

How to Style Your React Components

Posted on

CSS Modules, Styled Components, Or maybe just CSS? Let's break it down.

Developing Responsive Layouts with React Hooks

Posted on

Written for LogRocket. A practical introduction to React Hooks.